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 Basic modes of heat transfer; thermal properties of materials.

Conduction Heat Transfer

General conduction equation for one, two and three dimensional steady state situation; steady state conduction in different geometry and composite structures for one dimensional situation; electrical analogy; heat transfer from extended surfaces; transient heat conduction in one dimension; multidimensional transient heat conduction by superposition methods; analytical and numerical solutions or methods.

Radiation Heat Transfer

 Radiation fundamentals -- properties and laws; electromagnetic wave spectrum and thermal radiation; intensity of radiation, radiation exchange between surfaces, shape factor-analysis; radiation exchange in enclosures; gas radiation; radiation shield; solar radiation and its prospects in Bangladesh.

This is a concise form of several courses of Fluid Mechanics and machinery.

In this course, the student would get an overview of the definition of fluid to fluid couplings.All of the related physics to get insight the working principle of fluid machinery will be thoroughly discussed in this course.

Turbine, pump, and compressor will be attained special attention.Due to the conciseness of the content, we will focus on the topics that are closely related to Mechatronics Engineers.  

Definition and properties of fluids: Units of measurements; fluid statics, pressure at a point and its measurement; fluids static force on submerged surfaces, buoyancy, condition of floatation and stability of submerged and floating bodies.

Kinematics of fluids: Lagrangian and Eulerian description of fluid motion, stream lines, path lines, streak lines, types of fluid flow: translation, rotation, circulation and vorticity stream function, velocity potential and flow net; discharge: system, control volume and cross section; stress-strain rate relationship, linear and angular momentum theorems and applications; some exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations.
Dynamics of fluid: transport theorem, conservation laws, equation of continuity, Euler’s equation of motion, Bernoulli’s equation, viscous flow. Raleigh’s method and Buckingham’s π theorem, types of similarities, dimensional analysis, dimensionless numbers.

Fundamental Concepts of Thermodynamics: Basic concepts and definitions, Thermodynamic systems, Property and state, Cycle - thermodynamic processes Thermal equilibrium and Zeroth law.

First Law of Thermodynamics: Corollaries, Internal energy, and Enthalpy.

Pure Substance: Properties of water & steam, Control volume energy analysis: conservation of mass & energy.

Mixtures of Gases & Vapors: Psychometrics, Real gases.

Study of Steam Generating Units: Introduction, Accessories and mountings, Performance study of steam generator, Steam engines.

Heat Transfer: Thermal properties of materials, Modes of heat transfer. By Conduction: Fourier’s law, Compound resistance in series, Steady and unsteady state heat conduction.

By Convection: Natural and Forced convection, Counter current and parallel current flows, Heat transfer by forced convection in turbulent flow, Analogy between transfer of heat and momentum.

Mass Transfer: Introduction, Co-efficient of mass transfer, Fick’s law of diffusion in solid, liquid

and gases, Equimodal diffusion Mass diffusivity, Mass transfer in non-stationary media.

Material Balance: Process classification, Types of balances, Principles, procedure and Calculation of materials balance.

Energy Balance: Forms of energy, Energy balance on closed and open systems at steady state, Calculation of differential energy balance.

In this course, Radiation heat transfer mode will be discussed extensively. After finishing the course, you can be one of the experts in the following topics: 

  • Radiation fundamentals -- properties and laws; 
  • electromagnetic wave spectrum 
  • thermal radiation; 
  • the intensity of radiation, 
  • radiation exchange between surfaces,
  •  shape factor-analysis;
  •  radiation exchange in enclosures;
  •  gas radiation; 
  • radiation shield; 
  • solar radiation and its prospects in Bangladesh.

This is a very concise course on thermodynamics and heat transfer. Basics principles, theories, and mechanisms related thermodynamics and heat transfer will be discussed. In this part, energy and heat transfer along with recent trends of application field of thermodynamics and heat transfer will be  covered

The following experimental studies will be conducted throughout the semester.

  • Performance test of a Diesel Engine
  •   Study of a petrol Engine
  • Study of a Sterling Engine
  • Study of display Board (Crankshaft, Camshaft, Cylinder head, Piston with connecting rod, piston ring, fuel injector, high-pressure fuel pump, spark plug etc.)
  • Determination of calorific value of liquid fuel by using Bomb calorimeter
  • Determination  of viscosity and specific gravity of fuel (kerosene, diesel, Mobil) by using viscometer
  • Study of a refrigeration and heat pump.
  •  Study about the alternative fuel present in Bangladesh.

This is the second basic course of thermodynamics.

Very basic course in food processing

Convection Heat Transfer

 Mechanism of convective heat transfer, momentum and energy equations; concept of thermal boundary layers; forced and free convection; dimensional analysis; fully developed flows and boundary layer developments in tubes or ducts over flat plates natural convection around vertical plate and cylinder; combined heat transfer.


Heat Transfer with Change of Phase

Condensation, drop wise and film condensation; Boiling heat transfer; evaporation and boiling; mechanism and heat transfer correlation process of bubble growth and bubble dynamics; heat pipe.

Mass Transfer

 Introduction; co-efficient of mass transfer; Fick’s law of diffusion in gases, liquids and solids; simultaneous heat and mass transfer phenomena; analogy between heat and mass transfer.

Heat Exchanger 

Types, overall heat transfer co-efficient; exchanger effectiveness, LMTD and effectiveness NTU method; heat transfer enhancement technique; fouling and scaling; heat exchanger applications.

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