Fundamental Concepts of Thermodynamics: Basic concepts and definitions, Thermodynamic systems, Property and state, Cycle - thermodynamic processes Thermal equilibrium and Zeroth law.

First Law of Thermodynamics: Corollaries, Internal energy, and Enthalpy.

Pure Substance: Properties of water & steam, Control volume energy analysis: conservation of mass & energy.

Mixtures of Gases & Vapors: Psychometrics, Real gases.

Study of Steam Generating Units: Introduction, Accessories and mountings, Performance study of steam generator, Steam engines.

Heat Transfer: Thermal properties of materials, Modes of heat transfer. By Conduction: Fourier’s law, Compound resistance in series, Steady and unsteady state heat conduction.

By Convection: Natural and Forced convection, Counter current and parallel current flows, Heat transfer by forced convection in turbulent flow, Analogy between transfer of heat and momentum.

Mass Transfer: Introduction, Co-efficient of mass transfer, Fick’s law of diffusion in solid, liquid

and gases, Equimodal diffusion Mass diffusivity, Mass transfer in non-stationary media.

Material Balance: Process classification, Types of balances, Principles, procedure and Calculation of materials balance.

Energy Balance: Forms of energy, Energy balance on closed and open systems at steady state, Calculation of differential energy balance.