Convection Heat Transfer

 Mechanism of convective heat transfer, momentum and energy equations; concept of thermal boundary layers; forced and free convection; dimensional analysis; fully developed flows and boundary layer developments in tubes or ducts over flat plates natural convection around vertical plate and cylinder; combined heat transfer.


Heat Transfer with Change of Phase

Condensation, drop wise and film condensation; Boiling heat transfer; evaporation and boiling; mechanism and heat transfer correlation process of bubble growth and bubble dynamics; heat pipe.

Mass Transfer

 Introduction; co-efficient of mass transfer; Fick’s law of diffusion in gases, liquids and solids; simultaneous heat and mass transfer phenomena; analogy between heat and mass transfer.

Heat Exchanger 

Types, overall heat transfer co-efficient; exchanger effectiveness, LMTD and effectiveness NTU method; heat transfer enhancement technique; fouling and scaling; heat exchanger applications.